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CVD Scorecards

The CVD Scorecard is an advocacy tool based on the WHF Roadmap situation analysis that allows stakeholders to assess strengths and gaps in national CVD programmes and policies in order to focus on priority actions. The purpose of the Scorecard is to understand and assess national CVD action from a civil society perspective in an effort to complement and support official government surveillance, monitoring and reporting on CVD.

The Scorecard is designed to track and measure the national response of governments to CVD and monitor progress on implementing CVD prevention and management programmes. The Scorecard provides a core set of indicators which will allow us to understand the epidemiological situation in a country, evaluate the status of CVD programmes, identify policy gaps, and help prioritise advocacy for particular policies or programmes. The information collected will highlight action needed and will support holding governments accountable to their commitments following the UN High Level Meetings on NCDs in 2011 and 2018.

The CVD Scorecard project aims to:

  • Assess and visualise the state of national CVD prevention and management programmes
  • Highlight progress on the path towards reducing premature deaths from CVD by 25% by 2025 (25 by 25) and motivate countries to take action
  • Identify key policy gaps and create a sense of urgency for action needed at the national and global levels
  • Help prioritise specific policies or programmes to better align resources to areas of need

The data for each country Scorecard will be collected digitally and specific indicators will be visualised through the World Heart Federation’s CVD World Monitor to map the global burden of CVD.

Get involved

If you are a WHF Member interested in producing a CVD Scorecard for your country, please contact us [email protected] for more information.

Infographics & Reports


Scorecard produced in partnership with PASCAR



Scorecard produced in partnership with PASCAR



Scorecard produced in partnership with PASCAR




Scorecard produced in partnership with VinaCapital Foundation


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