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Going the extra mile to make hearts better

21 Sep 2022

In the run-up to World Heart Day, Heart Hero Dr Maria Rosa Costanzo lets us in on a life and career dedicated to those battling heart disease. A cardiologist in Illinois, Dr Costanzo has accompanied patients on their journey all the way to heart transplants, evaluated organ donors, and continues to provide care that spans generations.

With thanks to Boehriner-Ingelheim, a global sponsor of World Heart Day, for their nomination Dr Maria Rosa Costanzo as one of our heart heroes.

Dr Maria Rosa Costanzo has watched more than 500 heart transplants. As a cardiologist, she does not have to be at the surgeries of cardiac patients needing such a last resort, but she wants to be. “Two brains are better than one, and it can be a boon to patients knowing their cardiologist is in the operating theatre.” For patients, the cardiologist is often the one constant in their journey, overseeing treatment, advising on new therapies, recording progress, rallying them on.

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