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Global Advocacy

Advocating at the global level to achieve cardiovascular health for everyone

Priority Areas

Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Advocating for fiscal policies, including taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages, to help fund UHC.

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Air Pollution

Air pollution is a significant risk factor for CVD and as such must urgently be addressed through research, education, and policy change.

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Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)

RHD is a preventable, treatable form of cardiovascular disease that affects over 33 million people around the world, chiefly in low-resource settings.

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As smoking prevalence continues to climb in the developing world, we are mobilizing the CVD community in the fight against tobacco.

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Advocating at the UN

World Health Organization

WHF is the only organization representing the CVD community in Official Relations with the WHO, the global authority on public health policy.

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United Nations

Our advocacy experts work closely with the UN, its agencies, and other international bodies to influence global policies, strategies and funding.

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Committees and Expert Groups

Advocacy Committee

This Committee is composed of experts representing each WHO Region. It serves to inform and approve science-based policy proposals.

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Tobacco Expert Group (TEG)

The TEG supports the development of WHF position papers, external statements, and internal policies to advance progress on global tobacco control.

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Air Pollution Expert Group (APEG)

The APEG guides the work of WHF in the area of air pollution and CVD, identifying areas for further research and prioritizing key advocacy objectives.

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Global Coalition for Circulatory Health

Uniting for Circulatory Health

The Global Coalition for Circulatory Health brings together international, regional and national stakeholders in circulatory health.

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WHF Advocacy Strategy 2019-22

Latest News

Save the Date: World Heart Summit 2024

  We are thrilled to announce that the next World Heart Summit will be held in May 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland, ahead of the 77th World Health Assembly. Trailblazers across government, business, civil society and academia will come together to tackle some of today’s most pressing global challenges in cardiovascular health. Together, we can pave […]

WHF at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference

Our Policy and Advocacy Manager Kelcey Armstrong-Walenczak is bringing us updates from the ground at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in the UAE (30 November – 12 December), where leaders from governments, businesses, NGOs and civil society are gathered to find concrete solutions to climate change. The COP28 climate negotiations in Dubai proved […]

Air Pollution

World Heart Federation calls for strict regulation of tobacco and nicotine products to combat the global tobacco epidemic and protect future generations

Tobacco products are responsible for more than 8 million deaths every year and contribute to approximately 1 in 6 deaths from cardiovascular disease. Despite global recognition and awareness of the health harms associated with tobacco use, the insidious nature of nicotine, its principal addictive component, has often remained a lesser-known fact. Decades of misinformation from […]


WHF welcomes the SEAHEARTS initiative at SEARO RCM76

This is a statement made at the 76th WHO Regional Committee session for South-East Asia. The World Heart Federation, together with Movendi International, the NCD Alliance, Bangladesh NCD Alliance, SEAR NCD Alliance, Healthy India Alliance, and Eminence Associates for Social Development, welcomes the move towards implementation of the South-East Asia-HEARTS, or SEAHEARTS, initiative. Cardiovascular disease […]