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WHF New Board begins two-year term

20 January, 2023

The World Heart Federation is delighted to welcome the new WHF Board 2023-24. The Board is composed of Daniel Piñeiro (Argentina) as President, John Kelly (Australia) as Vice President, Fausto Pinto (Portugal) as Past President, Jagat Narula as President-Elect, Amam Mbakwem (Nigeria) as Vice President-Elect, Richard Chazal (USA) as Treasurer, and Stephan Achenbach (Germany), Takashi […]

Six commitments to advance towards the elimination of Chagas disease as a public health problem

20 January, 2023

On September 23, 2022, the members of the Chagas Disease Clinical Research Platform[1] and the Global Chagas Coalition[2], attending the 10th Meeting of the Chagas Platform in Bogotá, Colombia, agreed to this document, which is addressed to governments, organizations, funders, and other actors involved in the fight against Chagas disease. The document sets out priorities […]

World Heart Grants 2022: Afghanistan NCD Alliance

9 January, 2023

Last October, the Afghanistan NCD Alliance celebrated World Heart Day by organizing a series of events attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Health, NCD Department, National Cancer Control Program, as well as the Save the Hearts organization for Afghan peoples, Al-Hayat Hospital and media. The project received support from the World Heart Federation […]

World cardiology leaders call for global action to reinvent randomised clinical trials

16 December, 2022

Sophia Antipolis, 16 December 2022:  The current model for randomised clinical trials must be redesigned for the 21st century, according to the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), American Heart Association (AHA), World Heart Federation (WHF) and American College of Cardiology (ACC). The joint statement is published simultaneously in the flagship journals of all four organisations: […]

World Heart Highlights 2022

15 December, 2022

Dear friends, The World Heart Highlights 2022 are here! They provide a quick overview of our joint achievements and give us many reasons for hope in what is coming next. With the growing global community that we help convene and inspire, the message of cardiovascular health for everyone resounds further. We are stronger and louder […]

UHC Day: Ensuring equitable access to quality cardiovascular health services for everyone everywhere

12 December, 2022

On 23 September 2019, world leaders adopted the first United Nations Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage at the UN General Assembly high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The document represents a comprehensive set of health commitments, providing a framework for action on UHC. The Declaration set the ambitious goals of progressively covering 1 […]

Five ingredients for better heart health

7 December, 2022

More than 500 million people live with cardiovascular disease (CVD), and more than 18 million succumb to it each year. Cardiology keeps progressing with improved diagnostics such as imaging, genetics, biomarkers, new treatments, and devices to open arteries or regulate heart rhythm. There are many approaches towards heart health including these five: Get in the […]

WHF Board Members win prestigous Alan Pifer Award for their research on women and heart health

5 December, 2022

WHF Past President Prof Karen Sliwa and Board Member Prof Liesl Zühlke have been awarded the University of Cape Town’s prestigious Alan Pifer Award in recognition of their outstanding work in welfare-related research. A Past President of the World Heart Federation and Chair of the Neglected Cardiovascular Disease group, Prof Sliwa’s scholarship has informed the […]

World Heart Summit 2023 will be held in Geneva ahead of the World Health Assembly

2 December, 2022

  We are thrilled to announce that the next edition of the World Heart Summit will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on 19-21 May 2023, ahead of the 76th World Health Assembly. The timing and location of this invitation-only event — which brings together leaders and innovators from around the world to explore the most pressing challenges in global […]

Casting a lifeline to hearts in need

29 November, 2022

Established in 1951 with its headquarters in Albany, Georgia in the southern USA, The Mended Hearts, Inc. (MHI) is the world’s largest cardiovascular patient support network with a membership that has grown from more than 6,000 in 2018 to more than 90,000 today and on trajectory to have 100,000 members by December 2022. Who are […]

WHF Member Salvando Latidos: Improving the quality of life of Mexicans

9 November, 2022

Salvando Latidos A.C. is a Mexican non-profit civil organization founded in 2018 focused on the prevention, care, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in people of all ages, mainly those in vulnerable conditions. From day one, our main objective has been to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Mexican population by guaranteeing […]