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World Heart Summit

Convening leaders and innovators to elevate the world’s number one killer as the top global health priority.

World Heart Summit 2022

Cardiovascular Health for Everyone
21-22 May 2022, Geneva, Switzerland

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World Heart Summit 2021

Organised by WHF with the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health

Time to Act on Obesity
October-November 2021

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Heart Talks 2020

A Series of the 5th Global Summit on Circulatory Health

Rethinking the Future of the Cardiovascular Workforce
October-November 2020

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4th Global Summit on Circulatory Health - 2019

Innovations in Circulatory Care and Technologies
29-30 August 2019, Paris, France

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3rd Global Summit on Circulatory Health - 2018

Access to Essential Medicines and Technologies
4-5 December 2018, Dubai

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2nd Global Summit on Circulatory Health - 2017

The No. 1 Killer: The Case for Urgent Action
12-13 September 2017, Singapore

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About the World Heart Summit

Heart disease and stroke remain the world’s foremost causes of premature death, despite being largely preventable through the mitigation of risk factors. Together, the cardiovascular disease (CVD) community and multi-sectoral partners need to reframe outreach strategies and tools for action to raise the priority status of CVD nationally and globally.

The World Heart Summit (previously the Global Summit on Circulatory Health) is the thought leadership event designed to elevate the world’s number one killer as the top priority for Key Opinion Leaders, Ministers of Health and Public Health Officials, and Industry Leaders.

The Summit aims to:

  1. Convene and mobilize advocates in circulatory health
  2. Coordinate stakeholders and policymakers around shared goals
  3. Campaign for circulatory health with a collective voice and a clear message
  4. Catalyze action for circulatory health through civil society and policy engagement

The history of the World Heart Summit at a glance

The first Global Summit on Circulatory Health, held in Mexico City in 2016, resulted in the first declaration on circulatory health — the Mexico Declaration — signed by 29 leading global organization, including the World Heart Organization and the World Stroke Organization.

Following the second Global Summit in Singapore, the World Heart Federation created the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health, which was launched in October 2017 at the World Health Organizations’ Conference on Non-communicable Diseases in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Coalition brings together international, regional and national stakeholders to drive the urgent action needed to combat heart disease, stroke and associated co-morbidities such as diabetes and kidney diseases, as well as to give a voice to people living with circulatory diseases and to the trained health workforce that cares for them.

In 2021, the Global Summit was renamed the World Heart Summit.

Latest News

Reducing heart attack mortality by 30% by 2030 in Argentina

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality in Argentina, accounting for a third of all deaths in 2017.  It represents the leading cause of premature death in both genders (35% in men and 28% in women), making it the leading cause of preventable death in our country. Among the risk factors for CVD, […]

Heart Attack

A call for strengthening climate change education for all health professionals

This is an open letter to universities and all education stakeholders from the WHO-CS Working Group to advance action on Health and Climate Change, of which the World Heart Federation is a proud member.  Global health challenges are emerging as environmental and climatic changes disrupt all societies worldwide. Health systems and patient needs will be […]

Air Pollution

The World Heart Observatory: Harnessing the Power of Data for Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s number one cause of death, claiming an estimated 18.6 million lives in 2019. That statistic is staggering. Most importantly, an estimated 80% of deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided with early interventions that span the continuum from education and prevention to diagnosis and treatment. As the […]

World Heart Grants 2021: Rwanda Heart Foundation

On World Heart Day 2021, the Rwanda Heart Foundation joined the world to raise awareness about CVDs and their risk factors through the project titled “Family engagement in awareness and prevention of CVDs”. This project aimed to mobilize family members for the prevention and control of CVDs, by encouraging family members to do physical activities […]