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Our Team


Portrait image of Dr Jean-Luc Eisele
Jean-Luc Eisele

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait image of Ms Natalia Litostanska
Natalia Litostanska

Executive Assistant to CEO and Board


Mr Jeremiah Mwangi portrait image
Jeremiah Mwangi

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Portrait image of Ms Kelcey Armstrong-Walenczak
Kelcey Armstrong-Walenczak

Policy and Advocacy Manager

elisa Codato

Programme Officer

a portrait image of Yunshu Wang
Yunshu Wang

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Communications & Events

Portrait image of Ms Borjana Pervan
Borjana Pervan

Director of Strategy and Communications

Portrait image of Ms Aline Bochenek-Benoit
Aline Bochenek-Benoit

Campaign Manager

portrait image of Ms Paula Orrite
Paula Orrite

Communications Officer

Portrait image of Ms Lisa Hadeed
Lisa Hadeed

Communications Officer

Mihajlo Zelenkovski

Communications and Technology Coordinator

Partnerships & Programmes

Portrait image of Ms Andrea Vassalotti
Andrea Vassalotti

Director of Partnerships and Programmes

WHF logo
Yacine TALIG

Partnerships and fundraising Officer

Portrait image of Ms Nastasia Morcos
Nastasia Morcos

Finance and Partnership Officer


Portrait image of Mr Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor

Director of Science and Public Health

WHF logo
Shreya Shrikhande

Science and Public Health Officer

portrait image of Prof Pablo Perel
Pablo Perel

Senior Science Advisor

portrait image of Ms Lana Raspail
Lana Raspail

Science Programme Manager