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Statements at the WHO Executive Board Meeting

02 Feb 2015

Last week, the World Heart Federation took part in the 136th Executive Board of the WHO Executive Board and made two statements intended to ensure that cardiovascular disease (CVD) was included in the Board discussions.

The first statement of the World Federation was on adolescent health and brought to the attention of the Board the problem of rheumatic heart disease (RHD). This condition, easily preventable, continues to kill and disable adolescents from the world’s poorest, most marginalized populations. The World Heart Federation called on countries and regions with endemic RHD to integrate education to support early detection of RHD into health services for adolescents.

The second statement was on Women and Health and highlighted the fact that women are still discriminated against when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Although effects of CVD are often worse in women than in men, women are still under-diagnosed and under-treated. The World Heart Federation stated five concrete measures that can significantly help to remedy the situation.