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WHF pledges support for #QuitBigTobacco initiative

02 Mar 2018

The World Heart Federation has pledged not to work with agencies that work with Big Tobacco, and encourage our members to do the same. We support the #QuitBigTobacco initiative, which aims to make sure that health organizations aren’t unknowingly aiding and abetting the tobacco industry by working with the very same ad agencies that promote cigarettes.


More about the project:

Quitting Big Tobacco means standing up for health and refusing ties to the tobacco industry and its agents, especially in these 3 areas:

1. Big advertising

Big Tobacco can’t survive & thrive without advertising agencies to help them sell their killer products. Advertisers who work with Big Tobacco are complicit in a deadly agenda. Find out more.

2. Research Funding

There is no such thing as clean, no-strings-attached research funding from Big Tobacco. That’s why universities & researchers should Quit Big Tobacco. Find out more.

3. Marketing to children

Big Tobacco uses sports and music events, popular with youth around the globe, to promote and get a new generation hooked on its deadly products. Find out more.