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World Heart Federation partners with IQNITER to promote heart health

11 Sep 2023

The World Heart Federation (WHF) and IQNITER are joining forces to advance heart health awareness on the occasion of World Heart Day, celebrated annually on September 29. This dynamic collaboration is driven by IQNITER’s provision of an innovative and convenient tool designed to propel the “Use Heart” movement, aligning with WHF’s mission to achieve cardiovascular health for everyone.

Every year on September 29, World Heart Day is observed globally, reaching 2 billion people. This year, the World Heart Federation has partnered with Danish software provider IQNITER to excel in their commitment to drive change by promoting IQNITER’s innovative and user-friendly tool for tracking heart rate and measuring activity. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) still claims more lives than any other disease – more than 20 million in 2021 – even though up to 80 per cent of premature heart attacks and strokes can be prevented.

IQNITER’s cutting-edge Count Hearts initiative is designed to encourage regular physical activity, which is proven to reduce the risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2 and certain types of cancer.  The tool is easy to use and promotes motivation for simple exercise by collecting heart rate data and visually displaying hearts to reflect intensity and helping to reach minimum the 150 minutes of moderate physical activity recommended by WHO.

Professor Trevor Shilton, a prominent cardiovascular health expert, states: “Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of heart health, and initiatives like Count Hearts play a pivotal role in encouraging individuals to prioritize physical activity. Collaboration between organizations like WHF and IQNITER is crucial in creating a global movement towards better heart health. Any physical activity that increases the heart rate can benefit overall health, whether that is going for a walk, cleaning the house, or taking the stairs, all resulting in reducing the risk of getting sick from heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.”

Use Heart, Know Heart, Count Heart

Lars Peter Busch, CEO at IQNITER expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are honoured to collaborate with the World Heart Federation in promoting heart health and physical activity with our Count Hearts. This partnership exemplifies the power of collective action in making a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide.”

Achieving better heart health calls on all parts of society to get involved, from medical practitioners and health policy setters to educators, entrepreneurs, and beyond. Individuals’ awareness of risk factors and prevention opportunities and knowledge-sharing with family, friends and our communities help promote action and connection beneficial to heart health.

As the partnership between WHF and IQNITER unfolds, it is anticipated that more individuals and organizations will rally around the cause of heart health, ultimately contributing to a healthier and heart-safe world.

“We believe that this collaboration between the World Heart Federation and IQNITER will be a game-changer in promoting heart health. Together, we can inspire people across the globe to take charge of their cardiovascular well-being through regular exercise,” remarked Jean-Luc Eiselé, CEO at World Heart Federation.


For media inquiries and more information about the partnership, please contact:

WHF Media Contact: Borjana Pervan, [email protected], +41 225120684

IQNITER Media Contact: Lars Peter Busch, [email protected], +45 21408040


About World Heart Federation (WHF)

The World Heart Federation (WHF) is an umbrella organisation representing the global cardiovascular community, uniting more than 200 patient, scientific and civil society groups.  Together with its Members, WHF influences policies, shares knowledge, and inspires behaviour change to achieve heart health for everyone.


IQNITER is a pioneering force in promoting physical activity and well-being through innovative solutions. Their Count Hearts initiative encourages individuals to engage in heart-boosting exercise, helping to reduce the risk of various diseases and enhance overall health. With IQNITER’s armband and app, they have created a solution that can promote motivation and increase persistence when you exercise by collecting heart rate data and converting intensity into visual hearts.

About World Heart Day

World Heart Day is observed annually on 29 September, uniting people around the world in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. It serves as a platform to raise awareness about heart health and inspire individuals to adopt heart-healthy habits.