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8 out of 10 heart attack survivors failed to recognize their symptoms, finds new BHF survey of more than 500

12 Apr 2016

World Heart Federation member the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has today released the results of a survey of 500 heart attack survivors. This found that 80% did not recognize that they were having a heart attack, with around 35% putting their symptoms down to indigestion.

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive, British Heart Foundation:

“It’s extremely alarming that the majority of people who suffer heart attacks mistake their symptoms for something less serious and delay getting medical help. Every second counts when someone has a heart attack. The sooner people recognize their symptoms and call 999, the better their chance of recovery. Research advances mean seven out of ten people now survive a heart attack. But most heart attacks occur without warning and we have no way of predicting when they will strike.”

Johanna Ralston, CEO, World Heart Federation:

“We welcome this research carried out by our member BHF and the spotlight it puts on the importance of understanding and reacting quickly to the symptoms of a heart attack. Increasing awareness of how we can all live healthy lives to help reduce our risk of, and improve our chances of surviving, a heart attack are vital if we are to achieve our aim of reducing premature mortality caused by cardiovascular disease by 25% by 2025.”

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