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World Heart Day 2024: USE ❤️ FOR ACTION

01 Jul 2024

Help us motivate every country to have a national action plan for CVD! 

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the world’s biggest killer – responsible for more than 20.5 million deaths every year. Yet most countries still don’t prioritize heart health. National policies for cardiovascular disease are lacking, insufficient or simply don’t exist.

Our new three-year World Heart Day campaign aims to motivate every country to develop or support a national cardiovascular health plan, a necessary tool to prevent the leading cause of death worldwide. However, we can’t do this alone. By signing our petition, you can join us in advocating for stronger measures to protect heart health and save lives.

What’s a cardiovascular health plan?

Current efforts to combat CVD at a national level are failing almost everywhere in the world. Yet 80% of premature deaths from heart attacks and strokes are preventable. A cardiovascular health plan acts as a strategic tool for reducing premature deaths from cardiovascular disease, while also cutting healthcare costs and productivity losses, saving hundreds of billions of dollars annually worldwide.

How can I get involved?

High-level decision-makers are needed to make a difference, but everyone has a role to be an influencer: the professional community, patients and the public. Help us send a powerful message to leaders worldwide by calling on everyone to sign the first global petition prioritizing heart health. Sign the petition here and help us spread the word.

I signed the petition, what else?

Take a look at our new Playbook to learn more about the campaign, create your own poster, join our World Heart Day Challenge, and share our new social media posts with the hashtags #UseHeart, #WorldHeartDay and #HeartYes.

Please remember that World Heart Day resources can only be used in association with World Heart Day initiatives. They must be used as provided and can’t be modified. For more details about the use of our resources, please go here. WHF Members have exclusive access to the design files and can adapt and use the resources for their own campaigns.

Visit and follow us on social media to find out more  – we’ll be adding new resources, tips and info in the run-up to 29 September!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]