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Building a platform to support a Decade on Healthy Ageing

03 Nov 2015






From 29-30 October, the World Heart Federation advocacy team, along with Member States and other stakeholders, attended the Global Consultation on the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan (GSAP) on Ageing and Health.

The first key goal of the GSAP is that by 2020, all countries will commit to fostering healthy ageing, with action plans in place to maximize functional ability that reaches everyone. The second is that by 2020, countries and other stakeholders will build a platform to support a Decade on Healthy Ageing (2020-2030).

The GSAP document was widely endorsed by Member States, who voiced support for the principles and strategic objectives in the draft, such as ensuring autonomy in older adults, creating environments that allow older adults to fulfil their potential, and highlighting the valuable and unique contributions older adults make to society.

Countries as diverse as China, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Panama and Switzerland drew attention to the importance of non-communicable disease (NCD) management and care as an integral part of healthy ageing.  Dr Jean-Pierre Michel, former Chairman of the Geriatric Medicine Department at Geneva Medical School, gave an address in which he presented studies involving older adults who had greatly benefitted from interventions in raised blood pressure and diabetes.

As raised blood pressure is a serious risk factor for NCDs and the subject of a World Heart Federation Roadmap, we are encouraged that the ageing health community considers this a shared priority. The World Heart Federation continues to advocate for heart health across the life-course, and is pleased to support this empowering strategy for the world’s older people.

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