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Country-specific costs of implementing the WHO FCTC tobacco control policies and potential financing sources

17 Dec 2018

PLOS ONE recently published a paper by members of the 2016 Emerging Leaders cohort, which looks at the costs of implementing the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in specific countries and identifies potential financing sources.

The goal of the FACTc team, which includes Ce Shang, Amit Yadav, Michal Stoklosa, Anna Kontsevaya, Fabian B. Lewis, Adrian Pana, and Irene Reyes, is to help policymakers establish sustainable mechanisms to fund and accelerate the comprehensive implementation of the FCTC. The study published in PLOS ONE aims to update and simulate country-specific indicators that are highly relevant to the costs and financial resources of the treaty policy implementation. The team also developed an Excel tool for simulation and assessed the aggregated-level indicators by the 2016 World Bank income groups.

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