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CVD and the Development Agenda: Advocacy Toolkit

26 Feb 2015

The World Heart Federation has the pleasure of launching a new advocacy resource to help Members campaign for global action on CVD prevention and control.

2015 continues to be an incredibly important year for the cardiovascular health community: the global negotiations on the post-2015 sustainable agenda continue apace. As we write, the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have almost been finalised and look set to replace the Millennium Development Goals in this September.

While we are confident that CVD and NCDs will be recognised by the Sustainable Development Goals (largely thanks to the existing and continuing advocacy efforts of our Members) we are adamant that more must be done to secure CVD as a priority area in 2015 and beyond.

This resource will equip World Heart Federation Members with the guidance and tools needed to fortify or initiate advocacy campaigns at the national level:

•    Introduction – gives you all the important information about the SDG process
•    Advocacy Guide – gives you strategies and tips for launching a campaign
•    Key Messages – gives you advice on how to communicate advocacy asks
•    Factsheet – gives you a printable resource for advocating online or in person
•    Advocacy Check-list – gives you comprehensive list of things to achieve
•    Sample Newsletter – gives you a template document to spread the word
•    Sample Letter to Governments – gives you a template to make an impact at national level.

The toolkit is now available to the general public, and can also be found in the Members area of our website. We are happy to provide further advocacy support to all our Members. If you have any queries, please email [email protected].