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CVD prevention initiative in Patagonia, Argentina

13 Nov 2017

Dr César Berenstein, a renowned cardiologist belonging to the Argentine Cardiology Society (WHF member) has recently embarked in an inspirational initiative related to CVD prevention.

Since 2015 Dr Berenstein lives in the city EL Bolsón, located in the mountain chain of Río Negro province, Patagonia Argentina. It is part of an area known as Comarca Andina of the Parallel 42.  Here he is a cardiologist in the private field, with special interest in reaching out to the community with prevention messages and in the realization of simple local research.

The aim of this project was to reach massively the community with a message of prevention mainly oriented to the improvement of their life habits with healthy behaviors and to reach all the social groups with different ways. There was no budget for the activities, nor institutions that supported it, but a vocational incentive from the people and the spirit of giving something back to the community for having the opportunity of being a part of it.

Read about the full project here:

In English: Cardiovascular Prevention Project WHF

In Spanish: Proyecto prevencion cardiovascular de la CAP