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Emerging Leaders co-author paper on WHO List of Essential Medicines for CVD

31 Jan 2018

The latest issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, features an article entitled Modernizing the World Health Organization List of Essential Medicines for Preventing and Controlling Cardiovascular Diseases, which is co-authored by two Emerging Leaders, Sandeep Kishore and Rajesh Vedanthan, as well as Emerging Leaders Senior Program Advisor and Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Cardiology at Northwestern University, Mark Huffman. You can read the abstract below.

Rajesh Vedanthan is a member of the 2014 cohort with the WikiMeds group project, which aims to evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of WikiMeds as a strategy for addressing known barriers to the use of secondary prevention medications using qualitative research methods, and to iteratively and contextually adapt and refine the WikiMeds platform based on the results of the first aim.

Sandeep Kishore is member of the 2017 cohort, which focused on essential medicines.