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Improving physical activity in children: WHF collaborates in the Children in the City programme

02 Nov 2017

The majority of European children are not meeting the recommended level of physical activity, putting their health and heart at risk. The World Heart Federation conducted the “Children in the City” pilot programme to encourage children living in urban areas to be more active and keep a healthy heart, as part of our partnership with UEFA.

Together with our members the Heart Foundations of Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and UK, we ran surveys and studies to identify the barriers to physical activity in a group of children. Based on the results, we implemented simple, cost-effective interventions to tackle those barriers and improve their perception and level of physical activity.

You can find the main findings and a panel of successful ideas and activities in a series of case studies:

Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] for more information or should you be interested in developing actions to improve the level of physical activity of children in your country!