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Member of the month: Heart Friends Around The World

23 Mar 2016

with Dr Khawer Naveed Siddiqui, President


Affiliated to the World Heart Federation since 1994 and founded by Dr Flavio Burgarella, Heart Friends Around The World (HFATW) is an international movement to create awareness about heart diseases in the most affected countries.The organization brings together physicians, cardiologists and patients worldwide, predominantly from low- and middle-income countries, to promote the prevention, treatment and control of cardiovascular disease. It also considers the education of women as a priority for family health.

We spoke to Dr Khawer Naveed Siddiqui, President, to find out more about HFATW and its programmes, and the organization’s membership of the World Heart Federation…

Heart Friends Around The World’s flagship programmes

“HFATW is involved in promoting awareness about heart ailments in the most affected parts of the world. Our flagship conference, Cardiology Update, which was held in 2013 and2016 in Kolkata India, is a unique concept; to bring together the best minds in the field of cardiology to share and exchange their knowledge and general expertise with fellow doctors, heart patients, their kin and care takers.

“The interaction between patients and doctors provides a valuable insight to all attendees and is a chance to spread awareness of heart ailments, prevention and treatment through word of mouth. The conference has also established a platform for patients and dignitaries to communicate with interventionists and surgeons in the field of cardiology in India and around the world, to counter the  growing, silent epidemic of cardiovascular disease.”

HFATW’s top priorities for 2016

“We are currently undertaking research work along with CNR, Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, in detecting the possible presence of early signs of metabolic and/or cardiovascular (both anatomic or functional) alterations in children exposed to undernourishment during pre-natal and/or early childhood.We will also continue our focus on anti-smoking campaigns.”

HFATW on World Heart Federation membership

“We appreciate the World Heart Federation’s ability to create awareness of cardiovascular disease, promote no smoking campaigns and bring doctors together in a common platform for interactions.”

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