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New International Diabetes Federation report on diabetes and CVD launches on World Heart Day

29 Sep 2016

On World Heart Day, the International Diabetes Federation in Belgium has released a new report on diabetes and heart disease. The report examines the information available on the world-wide impact of diabetes and heart disease and offers impactful solutions to deal with the problem.

The International Diabetes Federation calls on governments to instigate the following four policies:
1. Use international standards for conducting epidemiological studies
2. Implement policies and lifestyle interventions to increase healthy eating and physical activity
3. Prioritise access to essential medicines to control blood pressure and diabetes
4. Implement non-communicable disease monitoring systems

“We wrote this report so that policy makers and the diabetes community would have a far-reaching and clear summary of the problem of measuring heart disease in people with diabetes, as well as real-world solutions” says the President of the International Diabetes Federation, Dr Shaukat Sadikot. “The International Diabetes Federation encourages all countries to work towards good health for all people living with diabetes.”