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New WHF Strategy 2021-23: Cardiovascular Health for Everyone

19 Jan 2021

Cardiovascular health concerns every living person in the world. From hereditary conditions to lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and societal and environmental contexts, such as air pollution and sedentary systems, our hearts are faced with numerous threats. This is why in each country and community there are doctors, nurses, carers, researchers, campaigners and pioneers for heart health. The World Heart Federation, which I have the privilege to lead for the next two years, is at the helm of the effort to achieve its vision of cardiovascular health for everyone. We do this by influencing policies, sharing knowledge and inspiring action.

Our 2021-2023 Strategy is written in times of uncertainty but also of unprecedented solidarity and connectivity. Our global cardiovascular community has never been more united. Innovation has become central to every conversation in the public health arena. The triple threat that COVID-19 poses to the heart is to be met with corresponding assertive action and determination to beat CVD and build back better.

The only way for us to ensure that people and communities around the world have access to the care and treatment they need is by connecting and leading our Members, translating science into policy and sharing knowledge. We also have a big role to play in preventing CVD: our communications and campaign efforts bring hundreds of millions of people together. We tell about their inspiring acts and stories on World Heart Day and other platforms. Most importantly, we invite everyone to directly contribute to the movement. It is by embracing the little steps that individuals and communities take to lead heart healthy lives, that we can make a big difference on a global level.

The Strategy of WHF is depicting the journey we need to travel to reach our ultimate goal of cardiovascular health for all. We have set for ourselves the ambition to become the reference organisation for information, knowledge and policy in the global cardiovascular sphere; to promote and support cardiovascular prevention and control at global level; and to strengthen the capacity of our Members towards the reduction of CVD premature mortality by 33% by 2030.

At the beginning of 2021, we have 10 years ahead of us to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. I will make it my duty to ensure that the World Heart Federation is firmly leading the way and uniting medical, scientific and civil society groups to reduce CVD deaths and achieve cardiovascular health for everyone. It will not be an easy task, but we are stronger than ever. Together, we have the potential to innovate and the passion to deliver stronger health systems and healthier hearts.

Best wishes,
Fausto Pinto
President, World Heart Federation