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Only two months to go for the World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health 2016 in Mexico City!

07 Apr 2016

Scientific programme now online!




The complete list of WCC sessions is now available here. Browse through hundreds of talks from world leaders in heart health, including Presidents of national and regional organizations, such as Marc Creager from the American Heart Association and Bongani Mayosi from the Pan-African Society of Cardiology. Discover highlights, joint sessions and debates – and start your personalized schedule to ensure you don’t miss your favourite speakers!

Among our fantastic speakers, we are also happy to welcome Liesl Zühlke from South Africa. Read this interview in which our topic leader for “Other cardiac diseases including Rheumatic Heart Fever and Chagas’ Disease” highlights the need and scope for innovation in heart health, from clinical cardiology to health systems.

You can also make the best if your lunch breaks by attending exciting industry satellite sessions:

• Interpreting clinical and real-world findings with NOACs in AF
• Impact of Ivabradine on cardiac efficiency: restoring hope to your patients
• Focus on energy crisis with a metabolic approach to complete management of IHD
• Breakthrough in anticoagulation: impact of specific reversal on your practice
• Hot issue of Hypertension
• Hypertension Treatment Strategy in CV events
• The effect of Fimasartan in metabolic syndrome
• Optimal BP Control

Register here to attend WCC 2016!

NCD Café

For the first time, supporters of the NCD Alliance will be hosting the NCD Café throughout WCC 2016. In addition to CVD, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) include cancer, chronic lung disease, diabetes and mental and neurological disorders. Six sessions will take place, on themes which span NCD prevention, patient engagement, financing, and healthy urban environments. These sessions will offer the opportunity for discussion and debate with leading experts in an open and interactive setting, and to explore the rationale for a shared response to CVD and other NCDs.

Earn your CME!

WCC 2016 is officially accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for 16 hours of External CME and the Mexican Council of Cardiology provides 6 CME to Mexican practitioners.

An exceptional destination!

Each year, 12 million visitors flock to Mexico City to enjoy exceptional international cuisine, a broad cultural offer in the form of museums, entertainment and UNESCO sites as well as a dynamic business environment. Ranked the New York Times n°1 destination for 2016, Mexico City is a destination not to miss!