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Paving the way for WHF Roadmaps in 2019

12 Nov 2018

The WHF Roadmaps have become a cornerstone or highlighting priority disease areas in cardiovascular disease. The intended purpose of these documents is to establish frameworks that examine a specific disease area, its ideal patient-care pathway and the roadblocks and potential solutions that may be applicable and acceptable in different contexts; their overall purpose, aligned with WHF priority to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Since the launch of the programme in 2014, we have published the following Roadmaps:

These Roadmaps have been used as a basis to structure, challenge and debate the document proposals within national contexts during national Roundtables. Recently, WHF have piloted the launch of an implementation toolkit that will guide discussions for key opinion leaders in developing calls for action that are appropriate and within the confines of their own regional, national and local contexts.


In 2019, we will launch three new Roadmaps:

WHF Roadmap on CVD & Diabetes

Co-chaired by Prof Nam Cho (International Diabetes Federation) and Prof Laurence Sperling (World Heart Federation)

In a joint effort to raise awareness of CVD & Diabetes, the expert writing group will meet during a face-to-face meeting hosted by Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia on the 14th January 2019. The group will discuss the results of the Delphi process, outlining a proposed and accepted international patient pathway of care, the roadblocks that may present in this pathway and the potential solutions with a planned launch for March 2019.

WHF Roadmap on Heart Failure

Chaired by Prof Karen Sliwa-Hahnle (World Heart Federation)

The Heart Failure Roadmap is in its final stages of development by a renowned international expert writing group representing all regions. Following a meeting last May in Vienna, the expert group have been working to refine its contents through a consultation process with experts. This Roadmap will be published and launched in May 2019.

WHF-IASC Roadmap on Chagas Disease

In partnership with the Inter American Society of Cardiology

On 17 October we hosted the first meeting of the joint WHF and Inter American Society of Cardiology (IASC) Expert Group on Chagas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the development of the WHF-IASC Roadmap on Chagas Disease, which will be launched in 2019. The Roadmap is part of our efforts to raise the profile of this disease in the region and globally in order to increase access to diagnosis and treatment and improve the lives of the 11 million people suffering from this devastating and much neglected disease. The next meeting of the Group will take place in Punto Cano, Dominican Republic in May 2019 with an expected publication timeline of October 2019.