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Salim Yusuf is World Heart Federation’s new President

06 Jan 2015




The World Heart Federation is today delighted to announce that Dr Salim Yusuf has begun his tenure as the new President of the organisation, following on from immediate Past-President, Prof. K. Srinath Reddy. Dr Yusuf will hold the role of President for the next two years, supported by Kingsley K Akinroye as Vice-President, replacing outgoing Vice-President Deborah Chen.

Dr Yusuf will continue to focus the World Heart Federation in tackling the global epidemic of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and leading the organisation to support this objective. “Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest epidemics the world has ever faced and my priorities for the next two years are to continue the success we have had in the key areas that impact it, including reducing hypertension and tobacco use and the secondary prevention of heart attacks and strokes. To do this, as an organisation we need to engage everyone in the fight, from children who can teach their parents about healthy food, to our partners who can influence policy at local level. I look forward to working with people and organisations all over the world to reduce the terrible burden of cardiovascular disease.”

Dr Yusuf will work closely with World Heart Federation Chief Executive Officer Johanna Ralston, who said: “The World Heart Federation is unique; we are the only global organisation focused solely on cardiovascular disease and as such we need a President who can make an impact at all levels, be it global, national or regional. Dr. Yusuf is passionate about bringing CVD to the forefront of people’s attention and I believe can represent the entire community in important initiatives such as 25×25, the World Health Organisation’s drive to reduce premature mortality from CVD by 25 per cent by 2025. I am delighted to be working alongside him for the next two years, which will include hosting the next World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health in Mexico in 2016.”

“I would also like to extend my appreciation to Dr. Srinath Reddy as our Past President, for his extraordinary leadership of the World Heart Federation at a transformational time. His leadership in overseeing our new strategy and governance will carry on in the coming years under Dr. Yusuf as we shift to implementing WHO targets at the national level through roadmaps and advocacy, ensuring strong development goals for CVD including rheumatic heart disease and fostering emerging leaders for CV health with a strong focus on Asia, Latin America and Africa.”

Dr Reddy is also keen to convey a message to his colleagues in the cardiovascular community as his presidency draws to a close: “The battle has just begun. We have had some success, but the challenge now is to strive to attain our targets at all levels, across policy, communities, professional associations and health systems. I firmly agree with my colleague and our new President Dr Yusuf in that active engagement must be at the centre of everything we do, to complete our ultimate goal of reducing cardiovascular disease globally, nationally and locally. My time as President was inspirational, challenging and fulfilling, but I leave the role knowing that we can continue to make an immediate and strong impact on reducing CVD worldwide.”