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Slovenian Heart Foundation – putting families at the heart of action

18 Nov 2020

This September, the Slovenian Heart Foundation (SHF) celebrated World Heart Day by organizing several events dedicated to family activities – the perfect place to start taking action to improve your heart health. The campaign, which also highlighted the link between COVID-19 and CVD, received the support of the World Heart Federation through the World Heart Grants Programme.

The main activity took place on Saturday, 26th September, in the capital’s major square called the Prešeren Square in Ljubljana. The SHF team distributed informative and educational materials on prevention of cardiovascular disease, leaflets, magazines, and performed blood pressure and AF screenings.

City light posters 3 Habits of Healthy People have been installed across the country, motivating people to be more active and eat healthy, quit smoking and avoid alcohol.  The campaign continued with messages promoting a healthy lifestyle via the, publications, radio, TV, newspapers.

Moreover, the foundation set up the Doctor’s office by phone, where patients could get useful advice from a cardiologist.

The Foundation held 19 lectures and workshops about healthy lifestyles for teachers and students of elementary schools.