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Strengthening rehabilitation in health systems at #WHA76

27 May 2023

This is a statement led by the World Heart Federation at the 76th World Health Assembly on Agenda Item 13.4: Strengthening rehabilitation in health systems.

Honourable Chair, Distinguished Delegates,

We applaud the Secretariat for its report and leadership in strengthening rehabilitation services for people living with NCDs, CVD, and post-COVID conditions.

Cardiac rehabilitation encompasses a set of cost-effective interventions that are essential to the management of heart conditions and significantly reduces cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

We urge Member States to ensure the full continuum of care, including health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care by integrating these services into UHC, PHC, and emergency preparedness plans.

We also take this opportunity to encourage Member States to accelerate their efforts in tackling the ever-growing issue of substandard and falsified medical products. Such products not only threaten patient safety but erode trust in healthcare systems, fuel antimicrobial resistance, and hinder the achievement of UHC.