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WHF attends the 43rd Congress of Cardiology in Argentina hosted by the Argentine Society of Cardiology

01 Nov 2017

The Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) celebrated its 80 years at the 43rd Congress of Cardiology in Argentina held from 19-21 October 2017.  At the congress, the WHF was represented by President David Wood, Board Member Daniel Piñeiro and Senior Science Advisor Pablo Perel. The Congress was based on research and case studies of medical specialists, nurses and technicians.  There were 10,048 participants, making it the largest cardiology event in the Spanish language.

A WHF-SAC joint session was conducted which included presentations on the achievement of the 25×25 goal, steps to follow for a national adaptation of the WHF Roadmaps, polypill and future challenges.  Also, the SAC organized a breakfast where presidents of several associations or representatives of them including InterAmerican Society of Cardiology (IASC), South American Society of Cardiology (SSC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), American Heart Association (AHA), Mexico and other South American countries had the chance to discuss with WHF President David Wood about the new WHF strategy plan, the Global Coalition and more in general on how to strengthen the collaboration between WHF and its continental, regional and national members.

Pictures from the Congress

Pictures from the breakfast