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WHF releases new Advocacy Strategy for 2019-2022

03 Oct 2019

The World Heart Federation has released its new Advocacy Strategy 2019-2020: Advocating like Investors.

Why an Advocacy Strategy?

The new Advocacy Strategy aims to specify what WHF wants to achieve through advocacy by 2022, including broad goals and detailed objectives. It will guide our work and help us measure success over the next four years.

How was the Advocacy Strategy developed?

The Advocacy Strategy was written through the collaborative effort of the WHF Advocacy Committee and Team and approved by the Board. Its development included a strong focus on our unique advantages as WHF, particularly our strong science base; analysing the global, political, economic and social environment; seeking to have health included in all policies; what we have learned, such as our success with the World Health Assembly’s adoption of the Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) Resolution; leveraging the influence of doctors, scientists and researchers; and building opportunities for collaboration with members and partners through advocacy.

What are the WHF Advocacy General Objectives (AGO)?

Under the Overarching Goal of improving health for everyone by advocating for CVD prevention as an investment towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the plan focuses on three General Objectives:

  • Promote and support the reduction of risk factors for CVDs and their underlying determinants
  • Support global, regional, and national advocacy towards the eradication of RHD
  • Mobilize and strengthen the capacity of WHF members to advance advocacy objectives

How will the Advocacy Strategy serve WHF and its Members?

In addition to providing a useful overview of the context in which WHF is working, the Advocacy Strategy serves as a concrete roadmap to achieving our mission. It outlines our key objectives and highlights examples of the specific activities that will make them a reality.

We hope you find this document enlightening. WHF’s advocacy activities are made possible by the engagement of WHF Members, and we welcome your feedback every step of the way. Together we can turn this plan into action and help create a world where heart health for everyone is a fundamental human right.