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World Heart Highlights 2021: Connecting the global heart community

16 Dec 2021

World Heart Highlights 2021 captures some of the year’s biggest moments. While not exhaustively encompassing every single initiative or milestone, the highlights have been the result of tireless efforts of many in the public eye and also behind the scenes. We want to therefore thank all our members, partners, sponsors and supporters for their commitment as we approach 2022 with hope and energy.

Together, we will continue to advocate for fair access to heart care, a human right; lead and support research; and provide a platform for multisectoral collaboration. We certainly hope that you will draw inspiration from the stories and snapshots provided here in order to implement successful strategies and drive policy and behaviour change on the ground.

Together, we can achieve cardiovascular health for everyone.

Prof Fausto Pinto, WHF President

Jean-Luc Eiselé, WHF Chief Executive Officer