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World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health 2018 opens in Dubai

05 Dec 2018


In Dubai today, Professor David Wood, President of the World Heart Federation, welcomed more than 5000 cardiologists, doctors, nurses, and health and policy experts from around the world to Dubai for our World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health 2018.

During the next three days, WCC 2018 will have the privilege of convening leading figures in cardiovascular health to share ground-breaking research and technologies advances, offering a truly global perspective on the challenges of bringing heart health to national agendas and reducing the global burden of cardiovascular disease.

2018 is also WHF’s 40th anniversary and a number of past Presidents will be attending he Congress to mark this occasion, including Professors Valentin Fuster and Salim Yusuf, among others.

“In this WHF’s 40th anniversary year, WCC 2018 is a chance to celebrate the contribution our leadership has made in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Thanks to our and our Members’ work and dedication, the cardiovascular health of countless people around the world has been improved. But the fight for prevention and control of CVD continues and our Congress plays an important part in this.” Professor David Wood, President, WHF 

At the WCC 2018, the WHF Inaugural Awards also honoured the following leading names in cardiovascular health:

Life Time Achievement Award
Antonio Bayés De Luna

Advocacy Award in Cardiovascular Health
Judith Mackay

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Cardiovascular Health
Sir Richard Peto and Alan Lopez

Best Global Heart Paper
Andrew Moran

WCC Special Recognition: Endowment Fund
Salim Yusuf

Sir Richard Peto, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, University of Oxford, UK and Alan Lopez, Melbourne Laureate Professor and Rowden-White Chair of Global Health and Burden of Disease Measurement, University of Melbourne, Australia commented on the receipt of their award: “We are delighted the World Heart Federation has chosen to recognize epidemiologists such as us who work on the consequences of smoking, and a tobacco control advocate who works on the control of smoking.”

Judith Mackay, Director, Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control and Senior Policy Advisor, WHO, also commented: “The massive mortality from smoking can be prevented more effectively in the corridors of power than in the corridors of clinics, with political will the key ingredient. There is plenty left to do, and the awards to Richard, Alan and myself provide welcome confirmation of the World Heart Federation’s support for tobacco control.”

Burj Khalifa illuminates red in support of WCC 2018
On 6 December the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, will light up with an interactive video about the importance of early screening for prevention of CVD and the link between high cholesterol and CVD. The three-minute public awareness video will be broadcasted in English and Arabic at 8:10pm.