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World Heart Grants 2021: Argentine Federation of Cardiology

22 Jul 2022

In 2021, during the COVID 19 pandemic, the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC) developed a project to get even closer to the community, so that the message regarding the prevention of cardiovascular diseases reaches the homes of all Argentinians. The project was an important step for the institution according to the growth it has achieved in recent times. The FAC needed a web page and a responsive app to display informative material, exclusively for the community, on the most important cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular diseases. To achieve the above, the organization received support from the World Heart Federation through the World Heart Grants Programme.  

The development of the project began in December 2021 with multiple meetings between the FAC board of directors, the Community Extension Secretary and CETIFAC (FAC Teleinformatics Centre). The website and app design process has 4 steps, to be completed in approximately 4 months: strategy, planning, and build from January to April 2022 and promote, at the end. 

1- Strategy: this step involves initial meetings, design of the website and market research. 

2- Planning: includes design concept and review, sitemap and wireframe. 

3- Build: involves site production, web hosting, database setup and website testing. 

4- Promote: includes online marketing plan, page optimization, link building, social media setup, etc. 

 The construction of the website has been a great challenge because it required the work of multiple members of the FAC, to ensure the multiplicity of voices and the generation of high-level and also attractive material to the community.  

During January and February 2022, most of the stages of design process of the website have been developed, fundamentally those related to strategy, planning and build. During March and April 2022 multiple meetings were organized to optimize both the design and the content of the website; including the design of a logo, the invitation to all FAC committees (ischemic heart disease – hypertension – diabetes – heart failure, etc.) to send updated information regarding the most frequently asked questions of the community and creating new documents about relevant subjects in cardiology. It is estimated that the second phase of the project, meaning, the app construction, will be finished in March 2023.