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World Heart Grants 2021: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados

29 Apr 2022

Each year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) is committed to ensuring that the Barbadian society benefits from an increased focus on heart health education by conducting several activities during September and October, including World Heart Day. Their campaign was possible through the support of the World Heart Grants programme. 

Following is a description of the activities performed and the campaigns achievements:  

Objective 1: To heighten awareness and educate the public about CVDs, through the preparation of an OpEd by the Medical Director; organisation of a newspaper interview of a HSFB Cardiac Patient, and a press releaseAchievement: Preparation and submission to the media. The interview with the patient was published in the Weekend edition of the Nation newspaper  

Objective 2: To position HSFB as an authority on matters related to heart-health Achievement: Medical Director of HSFB’s Cardiovascular Disease prevention and Rehabilitation Programme and Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Dawn Scantlebury prepared both an OpEd and contributed towards a Media Release.  

Objective 3: To provide practical tips to help persons manage their own risk and support those around them (home or work)Achievement: Several tips were designed and circulated during the month of September. 

Objective 4: To host a flagship event: A Virtual Public Lecture on World Heart Day – Achievement: “The Development of Cardiac Services in Barbados and the Region” Lecture by Dr Richard Ishmael, Director, Consultant Cardiologist, Bracebridge Medical Centre. Dr. Ishmael showed the tremendous progress that has been made in cardiac care in the region since the early days. Approximately 100 people attended and engaged in this virtual event.

Objective 5: To host (i)a virtual awareness event – combining several movement forms combined with (ii) a human engagement series based on the 2021 theme – ‘Use Heart to Connect’ focused on connecting to communities and to self. Achievement: Virtual event that involved and connected the community through a presentation on nutrition, exercise segment line-dancing, and tai-chi demonstrations.