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World Heart Grants 2021 winners announced

05 Oct 2021

We are thrilled to announce the 20 WHF Member organizations that have been selected to receive a World Heart Grant of up to USD 2,000. Funded programmes support organizational capacity-building projects, online activities for healthcare professionals, media campaigns and initiatives promoting World Heart Day and cardiovascular disease awareness in their local communities.

World Heart Grant Recipients and Projects:

Argentine Federation of Cardiology (Argentine) – Our Heart Beats For The Community

Bulgarian Society of Cardiology (Bulgaria) – USE heart to beat CVD

Cardiological Society of India (India) – Communication of the Health Risks of Air Pollution and Personalized Mitigation Advice to Citizens of a Major Indian City

Colombian Heart Foundation (Colombia) – 5H RACE FOR THE HEART

Croi-West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation (Ireland) – Use Heart to Connect with Croí

Eminence Associates for Social Development (Bangladesh) – Promote heart care among people living with heart diseases regarding post COVID-19 complications in Bangladesh

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados (Barbados) – Heart Matters – Using Heart 2 Connect

Heart Foundation of Jamaica (Jamaica) – Check your Heart, Men be smart!

Kenya Cardiac Society (Kenya) – Young Hearts Matter – World Heart Day 2021 Campaign

Mended Hearts (United States) – Creating a World of Support

Nigerian Heart Foundation (Nigeria) – Supporting integration of cardiovascular diseases in the BHCPF and inclusion in the SSHI Benefit Packages in Four States

Nepal Heart Foundation (Nepal) – Public awareness Raising and Strengthening of Clinic and Unit

Polish Lipid Association (Poland) – World Heart Day Celebration activities

Portuguese Heart Foundation (Portugal) – World Heart Day 2021 activities

RAFAM Argentina Foundation (Argentina) – Active heart – healthy life: Course-Training Workshop: Physical Activity Promoters for Cardiovascular Health of the Elderly

Royal Health Awareness Society (Jordan) – Review and Development of the Human Resources Regulation Bylaws and Policies

Rwanda Heart Foundation (Rwanda) – Family engagement in awareness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Russian Society of Cardiology (Russia) – Healthy sleep – healthy you!

Stroke Association Support Network Ghana (Ghana) – Community engagement and Media Campaign to Promote World Heart Day 2021 in Ghana

Your Support Charity Foundation (Ukraine) – Big little heart

Applications for the next round of World Heart Grants will open in 2022. For more information, subscribe to our newsletter.