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Announcing the World Heart Summit 2021: Time to Act on Obesity

03 Sep 2021

In the post-pandemic world, health systems continue to brace for impact. And that impact is with the rising rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD), overweight and obesity.

This increased burden matters. Because the science is clear: obesity is associated with higher rates of CVD deaths and disability. Like CVD, rates of overweight and obesity are influenced by income and educational levels, access to nutritious food, availability of transportation and conditions in the physical environment.

Policymakers, scientists, health advocate and industry would agree that preventing and controlling obesity can be a gamechanger for cardiovascular health.

But how can the heart health community act to tackle this growing epidemic of CVD and obesity?

Now in its 6th edition, the World Heart Summit will explore just that and more, by asking:

  • What role can the cardiology community play in preventing and managing obesity and CVD among people at-risk of or living with these conditions?
  • How do social, economic, clinical, and environmental factors collide in the doctor’s office leading to CVD and obesity, and what can policymakers and health advocates do about it?
  • How can the health workforce most effectively address the nexus between CVD and obesity?
  • How can heart health advocates make allies beyond their communities to start turning the tide against obesity?
  • What can we do about commercial determinants of health, including marketing of unhealthy products?
  • And how we tackle the continuum from malnutrition to obesity amid food insecurity, urbanization, and shifting diets in low- and middle-income settings?

Join innovators, policymakers, academics, people living with CVD and/or obesity and industry representatives to actively shape the answers to those questions and the Calls to Action that the Summit community will put forward.

The World Heart Summit will take place as:

  • Three global webinars on 14 October, 26 October, and 11 November
  • Three regional webinars on 21 October, 4 November, and 18 November for Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America
  • In-person, invitation-only seminar in Mombasa, Kenya, on 22 November*

Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #CVDSummit.




*Please note that in person attendance to the event in Mombasa, Kenya, is by invitation only. In compliance with government health and safety guidelines in place at the time, a limited number of speakers, participants and partners will be allowed on site.