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Early Action in Diabetes

07 Jun 2017

Early Action aims to radically transform the world’s approach to Type 2 diabetes. This multi-year initiative is committed to translating evidence into practical policies for strengthening prevention, early detection, early control and early access to the right interventions.


The Early Action journey began in 2015 and has since spread to more than 35 countries – connecting leading experts with key decision makers at events in Paris, London, New Orleans and Barcelona. The latest stage of this journey took place in Berlin in December 2016 with the Global Diabetes Policy Forum.

Early Action brings together a broad coalition of leading thinkers in diabetes care, advocates for patients, healthcare professionals, and policy makers, all sharing a passion to drive forward transformative reforms around the world. Inspired and funded by AstraZeneca, Early Action operates in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation, Primary Care Diabetes Europe and the World Heart Federation – and, in connection with the Forum in Berlin, with support from German Diabetes Aid (GDA).

During 2016, some two dozen global experts volunteered to participate in four International Working Groups, each charged with reviewing the latest best practice in policy making. This work culminated in a new consolidated call to action and vision for improved policy-making in diabetes: The Berlin Declaration.

Formally introduced at the Global Diabetes Policy Forum in Berlin, the Declaration equips the diabetes community with useful evidence and best-practice examples for communicating the Early Action message to a wider audience of policy makers, fostering a sense of urgency, and building the large-scale movement needed to generate rapid and meaningful progress in tackling Type 2 diabetes.

Berlin e-Report now available

This short report summarizes discussions held at the Berlin Forum, highlights key conclusions and agreements and describes the plans that delegates formulated to achieve near-term policy change in their countries. The Early Action community will reconvene in Rome on 17-18 Octobre, 2017 to review progress achieved and decide on next steps to improve diabetes policy worldwide.