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New WHF Strategy 2024-2026: Cardiovascular Health For Everyone

18 Jan 2024

The new WHF Strategy 2024-2026 outlines our vision, mission, and strategic objectives to make cardiovascular health a reality for everyone. In keeping with our mission to connect and lead the CVD community, establish science-based policy, and catalyse exchange of knowledge, these goals include serving as the trusted authority on cardiovascular health, fostering action for health equity, empowering others to be a strong voice for cardiovascular health, and ensuring organizational stability.

As we enter a new strategic period, we are continuing our path to achieve cardiovascular health for everyone. The next three years represent a pivotal period in our ongoing journey – a journey marked not just by challenges, but by extraordinary opportunities to make lasting impacts in the lives of millions.

In this era of rapid change and emerging global health threats, our mission to beat cardiovascular disease (CVD) is more crucial than ever. With the knowledge that 80% of CVD is preventable, our strategy is both a call to action and a blueprint for meaningful change. We aim to inspire, innovate, and impact lives, leveraging our collective wisdom, diverse expertise, and global presence. Central to our 2024-2026 strategy is Vision 2030, a guiding light for our endeavors to prioritize cardiovascular health globally.

This strategy is not just a continuation of our past efforts; it is an evolution. It reflects our deepened understanding of the multifaceted nature of heart health, acknowledging the intricate interplay between individual health behaviours, societal factors, and systemic challenges in the areas of climate, environment, human rights, migration, conflict, and humanitarian crisis.

Our new strategy represents an ambitious commitment to innovation, capacity building, and collaboration.  We are poised to harness the power of technology, forge new partnerships, and engage with a wider audience. Our aim is to not only respond to the current landscape but to proactively shape it, driving meaningful changes that last well beyond our current strategic cycle.

As we look towards the future, we do so with optimism and a firm belief in WHF’s role as convener and the power of collective action. The journey ahead will require persistence, creativity, and a shared vision. We are confident that together, we can rise to the occasion and make significant strides towards achieving cardiovascular health for all.

Daniel PiñeiroWHF President 2023-2024

Jagat Narula, WHF President 2025-2026         






About the new WHF Strategy

The WHF 2024-2026 strategy builds on resources, partnerships and breakthroughs of the previous cycle, with Vision 2030 as one beacon for global change. This strategy positions the global health and policy community to meet the challenges of rapid change, embrace opportunities, and respond to threats. The WHF strategy inspires all sectors to take action that improves individuals’ lives, families, and societies. WHF draws on its diverse expertise and global presence to increase awareness, strengthen policies, and expand interventions.