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The Heart Foundation of Malaysia raises awareness of CVD among Malaysian women

21 Apr 2020

In February 2020, the Heart Foundation of Malaysia (THFM) organized an event to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease among Malaysian women.

The programme was organised by THFM in collaboration with the Department of National Unity & Integration (DNUI) of Terengganu State, Terengganu State Health Department (TSHD) and ITEDRI Campus. THFM’s project has been funded through the WHF Small Grants Programme.

The objectives of the programme were:
• to improve women’s knowledge of cardiovascular disease;
• to drive prevention, diagnosis and control of cardiovascular disease in women;
• to encourage women to influence their family and people around them to change their lifestyle and to help develop environments which make healthy choices easier to live a healthier life.

The programme began with a ‘Unity’ Dance for 45 minutes a symbol that the event was a health related programme. It was also a reminder for the participants about the importance of exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle. The dance was conducted by a group seven students from the ITEDRI Campus.

The programme was officiated by To’ Puan Norilah Salleh, Chief of Community Bureau KASIH MALAYSIA, which is a charity organization of Malaysian Cabinet member’s wives. She stressed that, as a mother and wife, women are the first to educate their families on healthy living through proper diet, exercise and living in a clean and healthy environment.

Then, Dr Mohd Sharizan Ismail from Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, talked about the ‘Prevention of Heart Disease: Between Myths and Facts’, followed by Ms Mary Easaw’s cooking demonstration and presentation on ‘Hearty Nutrition for Women’ – women & heart risk fact and components of heart nutrition.

A basic health screening for interested participants was organized and 121 people took part. The health screening consisted of Body Mass Index,  cholesterol level, random blood sugar level and blood pressure recording. Dietary advice also given to each participant involved. The screening session were conducted by THFM staff with the help of five nurses from TSHD.