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Use the Resources

We are pleased to share our World Heart Day Resources with you, but please check our conditions of use.

  • World Heart Federation (WHF) Members, World Heart Day (WHD) global Partners and Supporters, individuals, governments, not-for-profit organizations and hospitals can use the World Heart Day resources and logo. We would appreciate it if you could report your activities to [email protected].
  • For-profit companies cannot use the World Heart Day resources, logo and brand without a partnership with WHF. If you’re interested in partnering for World Heart Day, please contact [email protected].

The World Heart Day 2022 resources are available for use under specific conditions:

  • The resources including the World Heart Day logo cannot be associated with companies/institutions whose activities are considered harmful to health. Please refer to WHF sponsorship policy for additional details.
  • The World Heart Day resources can only be used in association with World Heart Day initiatives. They cannot be adapted and must be used as provided.
  • The World Heart Day resources and World Heart Day itself cannot be used to endorse or promote products, unless you are a global Partner and your contract states it otherwise.

Yes, please! It will help increase awareness if you link to our website, tag us on social media, or acknowledge that we have created these resources.

Every year we produce a press release and this should be available for you to download and use to spread our message at the end of September. Check our Media page.

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