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World Hypertension Day initiatives from the Argentine Foundation of Cardiology

26 May 2018

The Argentine Foundation of Cardiology is an entity geared towards the community in order to perform research in tasks and education. Its current President Dr. Jorge Tartaglione has emphasis the spread through new technologies, full-field tasks and in this way reach closer and quicker the community.

During May, the Foundation has participated actively in the World Hypertension Day with Dr. Miguel Schiavone’s collaboration, Chief of Arterial Hypertension in the British Hospital of Buenos Aires, Member of the Argentine Council of Arterial Hypertension and spokesman of the Argentine Foundation of Cardiology.

The foundation has developed a cycle called “Two minutes for your heart” so as to explain in a couple of minutes and in a simple way health concepts that allows you to improve life quality and reduce mortality. This is the side with the 25 x 25 World Health Federation objectives which not only the Argentine Cardiology Society but also the Foundation agree with.

On the other hand, the foundation and the Argentine Council of Arterial Hypertension join the campaign “#ConoceTusNúmeros” (“know your numbers”) to achieve knowledge, prevention, and arterial hypertension treatment.

We hope this information will be useful and people learn the importance of these concepts.

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Finally, here are some useful videos from the “Argentine Council of Arterial Hypertension of the Argentine Society of Cardiology”, related to the Hypertension month.

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