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Heart Failure

Keeping you up to date with developments in the fight against CVD

Accelerate Change Together: Heart Failure Gap Review

Despite significant medical advances in the diagnosis and management of heart failure (HF), and the extensive body of knowledge available on the causes and precipitants of this clinical syndrome, HF remains a leading health care challenge in both high- and low-income countries. Regardless of socioeconomic status, ‘lack of awareness’ about HF has recurrently been identified […]

Accelerate Change Together: Heart Failure Gap Review (VIDEO)

Heart failure (HF) affects approximately 64 million people worldwide and is a condition where a person’s heart cannot pump enough blood to their organs. While the prevalence of the condition increases with age and most patients are over 60 years old, HF can affect people of any age. People with HF experience significant impairment of […]