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Women, children and heart disease: ACT NOW to protect the hearts of those you love

  Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including heart diseases and stroke, takes live prematurely. Contrary to common belief, women are affected equally to men, and children are vulnerable too. Most deaths by CVD are preventable. Individuals, families, communities and governments must work together to avoid physical, emotional and financial burden cause by CVD. Immediate action is required […]

Urbanization and CVD

At the World Heart Federation, we are proud to announce the publication of our new report Urbanization and Cardiovascular Disease: Raising Heart-Healthy Children in Today’s Cities. The World Heart Federation is delighted to share with you our new report that shows how urban life impacts heart-healthy behaviour. With this publication we recognize the challenges and […]

8 Week Walking Challenge

The World Heart Federation has partnered with leading international healthcare organisation Bupa to promote physical activity and heart-healthy habits using the Ground Miles app, for this World Heart Day and beyond.  The 8 Week Walking Challenge aims to encourage people to increase their physical activity as a sustained lifestyle change, not just a one-off event. […]