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Pragmatic Vs Perfect Primary Prevention Programmes  

Thursday, 2 November
Start time: 1:30 pm End time: 2:30 pm
Yas Grand 1,2,3
Track: Clinical Presentation & Contemporary Management

Asha Bowen
Perth Children’s Hospital
Telethon Kids Institute

Joselyn Rwebembera
Uganda Heart Institute


How do we address the issue of sub-clinical infections? (Edward Kaplan lecture for contribution to streptococcal biology)
Ana Mocumbi (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane)

Overview of Primary Prevention and the Dual Importance of Skin and Throat Infections
Asha Bowen (Perth Children’s Hospital and Telethon Kids Institute)

The Opportunity for Strep A Point-of-Care Testing to prevent ARF
Bernadette Wong (Telethon Kids Institute)

The Community Voice on Healthy Skin and Primary Prevention of ARF 2.5
Tracy McRae (University of Western Australia)
Stephanie Enkel (University of Western Australia)

What can we learn about primary prevention from SPYCATS?
Edwin Armitage (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Partnering with the community to support co-design of sore throat program
Joselyn Rwebembera (Uganda Heart Institute)