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The Latest in Strep A Vaccine Development

Friday, 3 November
Start time: 4:15 pm End time: 5:30 pm
Yas Grand 4

Alma Fulurija
University of Western Australia
Telethon Kids Institute


Back to the future: Lessons from early twentieth century scarlet fever outbreaks for modern vaccine development
Josh Osowicki (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

Development of a Peptide-based vaccine to prevent rheumatic heart disease
Michael Good (Griffith University)

Facilitating Strep A Vaccine Development for Aotearoa New Zealand
Nikki Moreland (University of Auckland)

Platform for the recombinant production of group A streptococcus gylcoconjugate vaccines
Helge Dorfmuller (University of Dundee)

A Glycolipidated-liposomal peptide vaccine confers long-term mucosal protection against Streptococcus pyogenes via IL-17, macrophages and neutrophils
Manisha Pandey (University of Griffith)