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Trends in Cardiovascular Disease

In 2019, nearly 400 million years of healthy life (quantified as disability-adjusted life years or DALYs) were lost due to cardiovascular disease (CVD). This marks a 24% increase in the global CVD burden compared to 2000 (316.9 million DALYs). This visualization tool makes it easy to evaluate trends over time of CVD overall or of a specific condition such as stroke or ischemic heart disease. You can explore the data by sex, age group, and location. Drag one or both ends of the grey bar beneath the chart to zoom in on smaller time periods.


Compare trends in DALY rates due to CVD among people of all ages in “High SDI” versus “Middle SDI”* countries. What factors might contribute to an increase over time in DALY rates among middle sociodemographic-index countries?

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The death rate for CVD worldwide has slightly increased over the past 30 years, but the age-standardized rate has dropped significantly (from 354 per 100,000 population in 2000 to 239 in 2019). For people aged 55 and above, death and DALY rates have improved over time—even as prevalence rates remain stable.

*Socio-Demographic Index (SDI) is a measure to determine where a country or other geographic area sits on the spectrum of economic development.

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