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Poster Sessions 5-6

Friday, 3 November
Start time: 10:30 am End time: 11:10 am
E-Poster Area

POSTER SESSION 5 (10:30-10:50)

Station 1: Iron Deficiency In Chronic Heart Failure Patients At The University Teaching Hospital In Lusaka, Zambia.
Station 2: Early Outcomes Of Mitral Valve Replacement Performed By Residents On High Risk Patients At A Centre Serving Urban Poor Community. (A Single Centre Experience)
Station 3: A Strategic Policy Of Capacity Building For The Definitive Treatment Of Advanced Rheumatic And Structural Heart Pathologies-35 Years Of Evidence, Impact And Lessons Learned In Underserved Nations
Station 4: Rheumatic Heart Disease Education And Awareness In Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda
Station 6: Comparison Of Pain Scale Using Lidocaine As A Diluent Versus Lidocaine Plus Coughing Technique During Benzathine Penicillin G Administration In Pediatric Patients With Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease
Station 7: Integrating Task-Sharing For Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening: Realist Initial Program Theories
Station 8: Acute Rheumatic Fever Presentations In South Auckland New Zealand 2020 – 2022 And Impact Of The Global Covid-19 Pandemic
Station 9: Addressing Rheumatic Heart Disease In Fiji The Pacific Islands: A Paediatrician’s Perspective Of Challenges And The Way Forward.
Station 10: Adherence To Benzathine Penicillin G Of Adolescents With Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease In A Tertiary Hospital
Station 11: Prevalence Of Rheumatic Heart Disease In Bali, Indonesia: A School-Based Echocardiographic Screening
Station 12: The Echocardiographic Diagnosis Of Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Review Of The Performance And Application Of The World Heart Federation Criteria
Station 13: Gene Expression Analysis Of Rheumatic Heart Disease Valves Using Nanostring Technology

POSTER SESSION 6 (10:50-11:10)

Station 1: Automated Two-Way Messaging Intervention To Support Secondary Prophylaxis Adherence In Rheumatic Heart Disease
Station 2: Community Awareness On Rheumatic Heart Disease Training Workshop In Tanzania : A Prospective Observational Study
Station 3: Reaching The Unreached: How The Mater Hospital In Kenya Is Bridging A Huge Gap In Rheumatic Fever (Rf) And Rheumatic Heart Disease (Rhd) Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment
Station 4: Health Care Provider-Led Education To Prevent Streptococcal Infections And The Risk Of Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Systematic Review
Station 5: Technical Design Considerations For A Web Rhd Registry Application For Use In Low-Resource Settings
Station 6: Mitraclip/Triclip Versus Pascal Implantation In Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement (Ttvr) For Tricuspid Regurgitation (Tr). Which System Is Preferred? A Pooled Meta-Analysis Of 2178 Patients
Station 7: Health Related Quality Of Life Of Ugandan Children Following Valve Replacement Surgery For Rheumatic Heart Disease
Station 8: Morbidity, Mortality And Survivorship Bias In Prevalent And Incidence Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Prospective Cohort Study
Station 9: A Pilot Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening Program Using Portable, Handheld Echocardiography In Rivas, Nicaragua
Station 10: Left Ventricle Myocardial Work Correlated With Functional Capacity In Severe Mitral Stenosis Patients
Station 11: Clinical Profile, Treatment And Follow-Up Of Patients With Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis In A Tertiary Center In Tanzania
Station 12: Diagnosis Of Acute Rheumatic Fever For Research And Surveillance: Lessons From Lahore
Station 13:Perinatal Outcomes For Australian Women With Arf/Rhd: A Multi-Jurisdictional Population-Based Data Linkage Study