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Poster Sessions 7-8

Friday, 3 November
Start time: 2:30 pm End time: 3:10 pm
E-Poster Area

POSTER SESSION 7 (14:30-14:50)

Station 1: Rheumatic Mitral Repair In Nepal: Early Experience
Station 2: Preventing A Future Crisis: Addressing Rheumatic Heart Disease In School Students In Noakhali District, Bangladesh
Station 3: Valve Surgery In The Fight Against Rheumatic Heart Disease (Rhd) In Nigeria: Is Victory In Sight?
Station 4: Modes Of Transmission And Attack Rates Of Group A Streptococcal Infection: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis
Station 5: Rheumatic Heart Disease Patient Voices From The Pacific: A Mixed Methods Study From Fiji
Station 6: Results Of A Novel Train The Trainer Model For Scaling Rhd Active Case Finding
Station 7: Echocardiography Training Among Healthcare Providers In Rural Rwanda
Station 8: Rheumatic Heart Disease In Mozambique: Results Of 21 Years Of Surgery
Station 9: Prevalence Of Rheumatic Heart Diseases Among Children And Adolescents In Slum Settlements, In Rivers State
Station 10: Clinical Profile And Intra-Hospital Outcomes Of Adults Admitted With Heart Failure Due To Chronic Rheumatic Valvular Heart Disease In Ilorin, North Central Nigeria. An Eight Year Hospital Registry
Station 11: Clinical Profile And Echocardiography Features Of Patients With Rheumatic Heart Disease: Single-Centre Retrospective Study In Indonesia
Station 12: A M-Protein Based Super Immunogen Provides Long-Term Immunogenicity And Protection Against Group A Streptococcus (Strepa) Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

POSTER SESSION 8 (14:50-15:10)

Station 1: Rationale And Design Of A Controlled Quasi-Experimental Study Testing The Efficacy Of A Rheumatic Heart Disease Education Program In Babati, Tanzania
Station 2: Rwandan Nurses Save Lives: Rheumatic Heart Disease
Station 3: Health-Related Quality Of Life And Healthcare Consultations Among Adult Patients Before And After Diagnosis With Rheumatic Heart Disease In Namibia
Station 4: A Comparison Of Community Sensitization Approaches To Increase Health Seeking Behavior For Acute Rheumatic Fever In Uganda
Station 5: Enhancing Tertiary Care And Surgery In Namibia: An Analysis
Station 6: Outcomes Of Possible And Probable Rheumatic Fever: A Cohort Study Using Northern Australian Register Data, 2013-2019
Station 7: Latent RHD In West Africa (LATTE Study)
Station 8: Women , Reproductive Health And Rheumatic Heart Disease In Namibia
Station 9: Screening For Rheumatic Heart Disease In First Degree Relatives Of Rhd Patients In Nepal
Station 10: Clinical And Echocardiographic Characteristics Of Patients Who Developed Adverse Events
Station 11: Outcomes Of Aortic And Mitral Valve Replacement In Patients With Rheumatic Heart Disease
Station 12: Reliability And Agreement Of Echocardiographic Measures Of Anterior Mitral Leaflet  Thickness In Patients With Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease
Station 13: The Clinical Profile Of Rheumatic Heart Disease At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Indonesia: An Observational Study
Station 14: Clinical And Socio-Demographic Profiles Of Rheumatic Heart Disease In Tertiary Hospital In Eastern Indonesia