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Poster Sessions 9-10

Saturday, 4 November
Start time: 10:30 am End time: 11:10 am
E-Poster Area

POSTER SESSION 9 (10:30-10:50)

Station 1: Maternal And Fetal Outcomes Of Per Cutaneous Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty In Rheumatic Heart Disease(Pbmv) During Pregnancy
Station 2: Screening Detected Severe Rheumatic Heart Disease In Timor-Leste – Clinician’s Perspective From The Leno Besik Study
Station 3: Establishing Decentralized Rheumatic Heart Disease Services In Uganda – The Add-Rhd Study: A Preliminary Report From The Field
Station 4: Structured Psychotherapy Is Beneficial For Reducing Emotional Distress In Adults Patients With Chronic Rheumatic Valvular Heart Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Report
Station 5: Yarning With A Remote Aboriginal Community About The Future Of Skin Health
Station 6: Severe Rhd From Antenatal Echocardiographic Screening
Station 7: Access To Healthcare Services For People Living With Rheumatic Heart Disease (Plwrhd) In A Pandemic Environment In Fiji: Lessons From A Targeted Covid-19 Vaccination Drive
Station 8: Integrating Echo Screening Into The School Health Nurse Visits In Primary Schools In Fiji Islands
Station 9: Rhythm In Rheumatic Heart Disease Patients: Anticoagulation Strategy And 30 Days And 6 Months Outcomes
Station 10: Left Atrial Strain Of Low Gradient Severe Mitral Stenosis Following Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty
Station 11: Association Of Left Atrial Strain Changes To Functional Capacity Changes In Mitral Stenosis Patients After Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty
Station 12: Mucosal Delivery Of Group A Streptococcus Vaccines Has Benefits Over Traditional Systemic Immunisation
Station 13: Clinical Significance Of Microbiome Diversity Analysis In Subclinical And Clinical Rheumatic Heart Disease Among School Children In India: A Preliminary Report

POSTER SESSION 10 (10:50-11:10)

Station 1: A Partnership Of Clinical Excellence And Cultural Safety
Station 2: Clinical Characteristics And Outcomes Of A Contemporary Cohort With Acute Rheumatic Fever From The Northeast Region Of Brazil
Station 3: Deadly Heart Trek: Community-Consultation And Culture Driven Care Initiatives To Enhance Rheumatic Heart Disease Elimination In Remote & Regional Communities In Australia
Station 4: A Case Report: Biological Mitral Valve Replacement In A 12 Year Old Girl
Station 5: Hemodynamic Parameters Associated With Severe Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis With Low Transmitral Gradient
Station 6: Acute Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease In Children And Adolescents In Victoria, Australia
Station 7: Adherence To Benzathine Penicillin G Secondary Prophylaxis And Its Determinants In Patients With Rheumatic Heart Disease At A Cardiac Center Of An Ethiopian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Station 8: Pattern Of Rheumatic Heart Disease Among Patients Attending At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Somalia: First Report From Somalia
Station 9: Unraveling The Beat: Rbbb And The Wilkins Score In Mitral Stenosis Progression
Station 10: Evaluation Of Diagnostic Score For Rheumatic Heart Disease (Dsr) To Assess Progression Of Subclinical Rhd At 7 Years Follow Up
Station 11: Echocardiography Screening For Diagnosis Of Rheumatic Heart Disease By Nurses: A Diagnostic Accuracy Study In Nepal
Station 12: The Role Of Biomarkers In Optimizing The Time Of Surgical Intervention In Rheumatic Aortic Stenosis