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Start Early and Aim High: Advances in Secondary Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Thursday, 2 November
Start time: 3:15 pm End time: 4:15 pm
Yas Grand 1,2,3
Track: Clinical Presentation & Contemporary Management

Sulafa Ali
University of Khartoum

Joseph Kado
Telethon Kids Institute


State of the Science and Strength of the Evidence: Patient Voice
Vicki Wade (Heart Foundation of Australia)

Journey on Penicillin Work 
Laurens Manning (University of Western Australia)

Using pharmacokinetic modelling to understand and inform clinical trials for secondary prophylaxis of RHD
Abdullah Al Shafi Majumder (Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Ltd)

“Hurts Less, Lasts Longer”: Experiences of young people receiving high-dose subcutaneous infusions of benzathine penicillin G to prevent rheumatic heart disease
Julie Bennett (University of Otago)
Julie Cooper (University of Otago)