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Technical Advances for Strep A Vaccine Development

Thursday, 2 November
Start time: 3:15 pm End time: 4:15 pm
Yas Grand 4
Track: Strep A Vaccines

Jonathan Carapetis
Telethon Kids Institute


Development and validation of multiplexed electrochemiluminescent assays for the measurement of human immunoglobulin antibodies to group Strep antigens
Alma Fulurija (University of Western Australia, Telethon Kids Institute)

Characterization of a 5-plex assay to measure Streptococcus pyogenes IgA and IgG in oral fluid samples
Fatoumata Camara (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Systems serology identifies key correlates of Group A Streptococcus killing to inform vaccine development
Reuben McGregor (University of Auckland)

Adjuvant selection is critical to improve vaccine protection against GAS colonisation and invasive disease in animal models
Tania Rivera-Hernandez (Cátedras Conacyt)

Implementing Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis of Rheumatic Disease: A Field Study
Kelsey Brown (Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C)