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The Epidemiology and Burden of RHD and Other Strep A Diseases: New Insights

Saturday, 4 November
Start time: 1:30 pm End time: 2:30 pm
Yas Grand 5
Track: Pathogenesis & Other Biological Insights

Rosemary Wyber
Telethon Kids Institute



The global burden of RHD
David Watkins (University of Washington)

Epidemiology of bacterial skin infections in primary healthcare in Auckland, New Zealand
Krishtika Mala (University of Otago)

Prevalence of rheumatic heart disease in Senegalese school children: A clinical and echocardiographic screening
Aliou Assane Ngaide (Cheikh Anta DIOP University of Dakar)

The burden of RHD in India: An overview
Rajesh Beniwal (Calendula Healthcare Ltd)