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A patient having their bloods taken from a medical professional

Cholesterol risks and remedies: A Roadmap to improve cardiovascular health

14 October, 2022

Increasingly, evidence is equipping us with ways to manage our blood cholesterol levels that can mitigate or prevent dangerous cardiovascular conditions. The updated World Heart Federation Roadmap for Cholesterol delves into the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and policies for better outcomes and highlights implementation case studies. The Roadmap focuses on approaches to reduce atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic […]

a female medical professional is monitoring a patient's heart by using a stethoscope

Four paths to better cardiovascular health: World Heart Vision 2030

13 October, 2022

Download the media release in Portuguese and Spanish. RIO DE JANEIRO, 13 October 2022 – With a shift in attitude, investment and policy, millions of lives can be saved every year from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and soaring health costs avoided. Launched today by the World Heart Federation (WHF) at the World Congress of Cardiology, the […]

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The polypill could avoid millions of premature deaths, heart attacks and strokes every year, say leading cardiology experts

13 October, 2022

Global health has paid a deadly price for not using simple, low-cost blood pressure lowering drugs, statins and aspirin widely in the form of a single pill, also known as the polypill. Widespread availability of polypills would substantially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and be affordable for most people globally, says a call-to-action […]

First annual gathering of the group of Head of State and Government on NCDS - UN General Assembly

First annual gathering of the group of Heads of State and Government on NCDs

6 October, 2022

On 21 September 2022, the President of Ghana, the Prime Minister of Norway, and WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus honoured their commitment of convening the first ever Annual Gathering of a Heads of State and Government Group for the Prevention and Control of NCDs at the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.  […]

WHF Call for nominations: Committees and Expert Groups

5 October, 2022

Following the adoption of our new Policies and Procedures on Committees and Expert groups (Section III) by the Board on 15 September 2022, we are pleased to announce that the mandates for all Committees and Expert Groups will now be aligned with the Board mandates, starting 1 January 2023, for two years, renewable once: The […]

WHF joins International Support for Malaysia’s Generational End Game Policy for Tobacco

3 October, 2022

The World Heart Federation (WHF) officially endorsed a statement issued by the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) to support the Ministry of Health of Malaysia on its Generational End Game (GEG) policy proposal. WHF believes that the GEG policy constitutes a sensible strategy to protect future generations from lifelong addiction as well as chronic […]

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World Heart Grants 2022 Winners Announced

30 September, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the 17 WHF Member organizations that have been selected to receive a World Heart Grant this year. Funded programmes support campaigns promoting World Heart Day, as well as an initiative raising awareness about the link between air pollution and cardiovascular disease, and a project aiming at preventing tobacco use and […]

a medical doctor monitoring a patient's heart by using a stethoscope

Mitigate heart disease through accessible cardiovascular care for all

29 September, 2022

Read the full article by WHF President Prof Fausto Pinto on Mediaplanet. With all we are learning, why do gaps in cardiovascular care persist? A new vision, unique portal and indicative poll can open doors to cardiovascular health. Access to comprehensive care is the way forward. Being part of the evolving landscape of cardiovascular care […]

World Heart Day 2022 Global Awareness and Opinion Survey banner

World Heart Day 2022: Global Awareness and Opinion Survey

29 September, 2022

World Heart Day: Global Awareness and Opinion Survey  The World Heart Federation partnered with CARMA, a world leader in integrated research and insight, to conduct an online Global Awareness and Opinion Survey involving 2500 respondents from 25 countries. In answering the questions, respondents ranked their own awareness of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and related risk factors, […]

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World Heart Day 2022: Climate change and health inequity, a deadly mix for the most vulnerable

29 September, 2022

Download the press release in Chinese, French and Spanish. Geneva, 29 September 2022 – On World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation (WHF) is calling for urgent action on climate change and health inequity, with millions more lives now at risk from cardiovascular disease, which is still the world’s biggest killer. 2022 has seen historic […]

Addressing policy on integrated care for improved health outcomes in the Region of the Americas

28 September, 2022

This is a statement made at the 30th Pan American Sanitary Conference and 74th Session of the Regional Committee. Honorable Chair, Distinguished Guests, On behalf of the World Heart Federation, the American Heart Association, the Interamerican Society of Cardiology, the Coalition for Americas’ Health, the NCD Alliance, and the Taskforce on Women and NCDs, we […]